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About Us,

Al-Falah Trust (Manchester) is voluntary organization, which registered under Trust Registration Act. It registered on 26 April 2009 by a group of likeminded social workers who were working in the fields of basic, education, Islamic education.

Since the establishment of the organization we are mainly concentrating in the Islamic educational development, other capacity building and also working for the eradication of different social evils. In the contemporary competitive world education is playing a vital role. In this backdrop we are trying to address the Islamic educational achieve a self reliant status in the World. We have needed a well building for better Islamic Education.

With profound Al-Falah Trust (Manchester) is submitting a Project proposal on Construction Madrassa cum School Building for Islamic Education.

At this juncture I humbly requesting you to review our project and do the necessary financial assistance to Construction Madrassa cum School Building for Islamic Education in old Trafford Manchester (U.K.)

Looking forward for your kind cooperation,

Thanking you

Your Sincerely,

                              Qari Zuber Badat    

      Chief Functionary


Introduction of the organization.

Our charity is non-political and non-profit-making United Kingdom registered charity. The charity began in 2000 and was registered in the year 2009 under the name of Idara falahul Muslimeen. Our work is governed by our constitution (Trust Deed). Some of our aims and objectives are as below.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Idara  falahul Muslimeen has been providing the best of facilities available to the students. Idara  falahul Muslimeen has been providing Islamic education to the students with no concern for rich or poor, of our community. We are offered various courses such as Deeniyath, Naazirah, Hifz-e-Quran, many more for the seekers of Islamic education. Apart from Islamic education the students are also provided with various secular courses to meet the demands of the present age.

Aims & objectives

  • The Advancement of the Islamic Religion In Accordance With the Teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
  • To Promote the benefit of the inhabitants of greater Manchester without distinction of religious or other opinions, by associating together the said inhabitants and local authorities, voluntary and other in a common effort to advance education and provide facilities In The Interest Of Social Welfare With The Object Of Improving The Condition Of Life Of The Said Inhabitants.
  • To establish, or secure the establishment of a centre and to maintain and manage the same in furtherance of these objects.
  • To promote such other charitable purpose as the trustees may from time to time determine.



The popularity of the institution is the result of the efforts of the Management which forms an important part of any institution’s success or failure. By the grace of Almighty Allah the institution is fortunate to have a Management consisting of renowned scholars and eminent personalities of our society.



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