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About Us & Our Back Ground


Our History

By the grace of the Almighty, Al Falah trust was established in the year 2009 to cater for the growing muslim community in the centre of Old Trafford, Manchester.

The two storey building was purchased in 2008, which was prior to our purchase, a garage. One of the main reasons for choosing this building was the perfect location to cater for the growing needs of the increasing populated muslim community.


Current Programmes

Currently, we are holding evening classes for children from the age range of 4-17. The classes run for approximately 2 and a half hours every weekday between 4.45pm to 7.15pm. The syllabus is planned with accuracy, starting from basic to advanced Arabic. The syllabus also includes the teaching of Fiqh, Aqaaid, Ahaadeeth and Seerah.

In addition, we also hold classes for Ladies on weekdays. The classes began approximately two years ago to cater for those women who wanted to increase their Islamic knowledge directly from the primary sources. i.e- Quran and Sunnah. This is the first class of its kind In Old Trafford, and we currently have 30 ladies enrolled on the classes.

We also hold Alimah classes for the girls aged 11 and over, who are given a chance to study islam from its direct sources-i.e- Quran and Sunnah. These classes also run or approximately 2 and a half hours every weekday between 4.45pm to 7.15pm. We currently have 10 girls enrolled on the course. Due to a lack of space, we are unable to cater for more students.

All classes are currently held in a 3-bedroom terraced house. We currently have 8 classes with approximately 100 students enrolled on various courses. This has only been due to the grace of the Almighty, as well as continued support from the wider community.

Aims and Objectives

  • The Advancement of the Islamic Religion in Accordance With the Teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
  • To Promote the benefit of the inhabitants of greater Manchester without distinction of religious or other opinions, by associating together the said inhabitants and local authorities, voluntary and other in a common effort to advance education and provide facilities In The Interest Of Social Welfare With The Object Of Improving The Condition Of Life Of The Said Inhabitants.
  • To establish, or secure the establishment of a centre and to maintain and manage the same in furtherance of these objects.

Our Future Plans

With the will of the Almighty, we hope to increase the use of this institution with the following facilities:

  • Extra classrooms for evening classes
  • Full time and Part time Alim and Alimah classes
  • Classes for Adults, where they can learn the basics of their religion
  • Tution for school students (Key stage 2, Key stage 3, SATS, G.C.S.E, A-Levels)
  • Library
  • Sporting activities (Martial Arts, Pool, Snooker, Table Tennis)
  • Feeding homeless people
  • Sponsoring Orphans

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for the young and old, increase their knowledge and get involved in day-to-day activities.


Thanking You,

                                                   Chief Functionary                                                        

                                                 Qari Zuber Badat

Place- Machester (U.K.)


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